You are why we do what we do

How You helped Bee Beau Co become a reality

‘I am thrilled that everyone who uses our hair accessories, knows they are getting a quality, authentic Bee Beau Co product, worthy of every aspiring princess big or small.

         – Renee Buckley, Bee Beau Co creator

Before I created Bee Beau Co, I struggled to find tasteful hair accessories for my little girl that would stay put in her fine hair and she would be comfortable in all day.

Then one day after yet another headband disappeared forever to the abyss of school lost property because “it was hurting my head” I vowed to create a hair accessories brand that would exceed standards of quality above all others and most importantly STAY PUT!

I was concerned that people wouldn’t want traditional, handmade quality items over inexpensive imported ribbon bows.

But then…

 When my little girl wore her bows to school, she was the envy of all her friends and I was soon asked by other mums to make some for their daughters.

I decided to set out to create the most luxurious hair accessories for the most fashion forward girls (and mums) in the world.

It turns out…

the road was more difficult than I imagined.

Sourcing the quality materials I needed proved extremely difficult.

But I wasn’t willing to compromise the high standards I wanted for our products.


I found some fantastic suppliers in the U.K for our 100% pure wool felt, the highest quality, non shedding and super sparkly glitter fabric, grosgrain lined hair clips for extra grip and comfort in the hair and the softest most comfortable nylon headbands in existence!

Through it all, we released our first product range and the response has been overwhelming, the brand continues to grow and we plan on solving many more bad hair days…one bow at a time!